Finally 🙏
an app for managers

Whether you're managing a small team or an entire organization, Fellow is a lightweight app for leaders that gives you tools and smart suggestions to power your day.

Sign up individually and use Fellow with your direct reports, or use the application to track interactions company-wide.

Meet Jen.

Like you, she is a busy manager.

She is constantly meeting with people and adding more things to her to-do list throughout the day.

Luckily, she found Fellow!

The first tool of its kind built for leaders to power 1-on-1s, group conversations, feedback, and priorities.

8:05 AM

Before her day starts, Jen gets a notification from Fellow reminding her of upcoming meetings and tasks:

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9:15 AM

Fellow reminds Jen of her 1-on-1 with Keith and allows both of them to collaborate on an agenda even before the meeting starts.

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9:30 AM

As the meeting evolves, they use Fellow to record action items and assign tasks.

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