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Use Fellow to send and respond to continuous feedback, coach employees and promote a growth mindset across your team.

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Fellow is the ongoing feedback software that empowers managers and their teams to:

Give and get feedback as work happens, not only at certain times of the year.

Ask for feedback on your performance or most 
recent work.

Get smart suggestions to know who and when to ask for feedback.

Promote a culture of feedback and guidance across your organization.

Give and get feedback as work happens

Fellow makes it easier than ever to exchange 
just-in-time feedback with your employees.

Ask for feedback on your performance.

Provide timely feedback throughout the year.

Ask for 360 feedback about your direct-reports.

Coach employees on the feedback they receive.

Power your interactions
 with Fellow’s feedback templates

Not sure about how to ask for feedback? Fellow suggests questions and templates to make professional growth easier for you.

Access suggested feedback questions and templates.

Choose from a dynamic set of question types.

Receive smart suggestions on when to ask for feedback and who to recognize.

Respond to feedback without
 leaving Slack

Fellow’s modern feedback approach doesn’t require you to leave the chat interface. This makes feedback exchanges easy and practical.

Get feedback requests on Slack.

Respond to your teammate’s questions without leaving the chat interface.

Get notified if you haven’t exchanged feedback with someone in a long time.

Your team will thank you.

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