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How we run one-on-one meetings at Fellow

A template for your first one-on-one meeting with direct reports and one creative way to use Fellow's feedback feature.

Product Meeting Ideas: 5 Tactics to Run Remarkable Meetings

When great minds come together, great things can happen. Here are five meeting tactics verified by the best product teams.

How we run all-hands meetings at Fellow

A template to overcome imposter syndrome + Ideas for your company's all-hands meetings.

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template

How to run your weekly team meeting [Free Template]

10 items you should include in your weekly team meeting agenda – with a template for remote teams!

How we run engineering team meetings and interviews

Fellow's bi-weekly engineering meeting template, tips for remote and distributed teams, the importance of asking for meeting feedback, and more!

How to lead effective team meetings: 8 best practices

The best advice from world-class managers on how to run productive team meetings.

How we onboard employees at Fellow

Here at Fellow we’re working hard every day to improve people’s working relationships, whether it’s by setting people up with collaborative meeting agendas, helping people reach their goals through great […]

The 5 crucial benefits of a well-run team meeting

To hold effective meetings, you must know why they’re necessary in the first place. Here are 5 reasons why team meetings are crucial to your team's success.

The art of the one-on-one meeting

The definitive guide to the most misunderstood and yet powerful tool for managers. With a foreword by Lara Hogan, author of Resilient Management.

How to get employees to prepare for your one-on-one meetings

5 tips to help you make the most of your one-on-ones and ensure your direct reports bring talking points to discuss.

Career Conversations with employees: Questions and tips for managers

Find out how the world's best managers structure professional development conversations with their teams.


10x Managers Supermanagers

We’ve all heard the term “10x engineer” – the mythical individual that you really want on your team. What we don’t often talk about is the 10x manager.